Reminder on the upcoming meeting and article links

Artificial Intelligence and Its Limits

Here is a kind reminder for the upcoming meeting of the Economic Club of Hong Kong.

Date: Aug 26th, Wed, 8 pm Hong Kong time (GMT+8)

Online Event via Zoom, prior registration is required

Speaker: Alexandra (Ola) Zytek

Ola is a PhD student at MIT, studying machine learning. Her research focus is on explaining machine learning predictions to end users, to foster smoother human-computer interactions, with the goal of increasing the usefulness of algorithms in real-world domains. Her current work is on developing an explanation tool to aid decision making in child welfare screening. During her presentation she will give a general outlook on AI, machine learning and its limits based on her own research as well as answer questions from the audience. 

Hosted by: Sergii.

Required reading prior attending the event:

An understanding of AI’s limitations is starting to sink in (The Economist)

For AI, data are harder to come by than you think (The Economist)

If you aren't The Economist subscriber, you can access the article after registering an account for free on their website. If you are still having trouble to access, please email to and we will send you a pdf copy for educational purposes. 

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