Meeting on Thu 19:15 at Salon 10

You are invited to the upcoming event of The Economic Club, which is planned for this Thu, Oct 29th at 19:15 at Salon 10 (Arbuthnot Rd., 10).

This meeting will be different from our regular meetings, because we do not set a particular theme. Instead, you are free to choose the topic/ article of your intellectual interest and share its core ideas/concept within the small group of 4 people, then follow the discussion flow.

Further details and sign up:

Venue: Salon 10, Central (Arbuthnot Rd, 10).
Date & Time: Oct 29th, Thu, 19:00-21:00
Hosted by: Sergii

Fee: It's free to attend, but we would buy a drink as a courtesy to the venue.

Meeting Format:
The host will start with introduction about the community and the topic. Depending on how many people will attend, we split into sub-groups of 4 people for more detailed discussions. Within each subgroup we will introduce ourselves (name, profession, hobby and fun-fact) and begin a free-flowing discussion on the theme. Questions, new paths for discussion, personal experience, and opinions are highly encouraged. We conclude the event with everyone sharing their takeaways on the subject.

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