Invitation to the next meeting: "Twenty Years After 9/11"

A Day Of Remembrances And Reflection: 20 Years After The 9/11 Attacks

What lessons, if any, have been learned from the 20 years of fighting terrorism across the world? What has worked and what hasn't? And today, as Afghanistan is once more ruled by the movement that sheltered al-Qaeda, are we any wiser than we were on the morning of 11 September 2001?

These and other questions we are going to discuss during the upcoming meeting of The Economic Club of Hong Kong "Twenty Years After 9/11".

Date: Sept 16th, Thu; 19:00-21:00

Location: Salon 10 (Arbuthnot Rd., 10).

The meeting will be conducted in the group of maximum 4 people to follow current government regulations for gatherings.

Recommended materials to read:

1. The Economist: The fiasco in Afghanistan is a grave blow to America’s standing

2. The Atlantic: America Did Al-Qaeda’s Work for It

3. Foreign Affairs: Bin Laden’s Catastrophic Success (this one is a long-read but totally worth it).

If you decide to join the meeting, please come prepared - read more on the subject, take notes, write down some thoughts and points that you would like to bring for the discussion and share with the group.

We will not have a speaker on the topic, so yours self preparation is a key for an intelligent and quality discussion within the small group of 4 people.

Fee: it's free to attend the meeting, but every attendee would buy a drink as a courtesy to the venue.

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